MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Bow tip

MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Bow tip view photo in large

MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Bow tip

Bow of the cruise ship MSC Opera of MSC Cruises photographed in front of the port of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland.

Gotland is a Swedish island located in the Baltic Sea, approximately 90 kilometers east of the Swedish mainland. It is the largest island in the Baltic Sea and belongs to the historical province of Gotland. The island covers an area of about 3,183 square kilometers and has a diverse history rich in culture and nature.

The landscape of Gotland is characterized by gentle hills, picturesque coastlines, sandy beaches, and idyllic villages. The island is renowned for its lush vegetation, including forests, meadows, and heathlands. The nature on Gotland is diverse, offering a rich variety of flora and fauna.

One of the most well-known attractions on Gotland is Visby, a medieval town and UNESCO World Heritage site. Visby was once a significant trading post during the Hanseatic era and is famous for its well-preserved city walls, narrow alleys, Gothic churches, and historic buildings. The town is also renowned for the annual Medieval Week, during which visitors can immerse themselves in the past.

Gotland also has a long history of fishing, agriculture, and limestone quarrying. The limestone quarries have led to impressive limestone cliffs and formations along the coastline. The island is a popular destination for tourists who seek the tranquility and beauty of nature, wish to explore historical sites, and visit charming villages. Apart from Visby, there are many other places of interest on Gotland, including churches, castles, museums, and natural landmarks.

The cultural scene on Gotland is also noteworthy, with numerous events, festivals, and art exhibitions taking place throughout the year. The island also boasts a rich culinary tradition based on local products such as fish, game, berries, and regional specialties.

August 2008: Cruise on the Baltic Sea with the route: Kiel (Germany) - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Visby (Sweden) - Stockholm (Sweden) - Helsinki (Finland) - St. Petersburg (Russia) - Day at sea - Kiel (Germany)


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